Industrial 1st certified CC-Link IE Field IP Core for FPGA

Developed for Intel® FPGA and equivalent to the CP220 CC-Link IE Field intelligent device ASIC, it supports both cyclic & transient data exchange.
Enabling CPU load off by specified & optimized to CC-Link IE Field transmission.

Integrated CP220 equivalent function

  • Integrated equivalent function to MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC’s specified ASIC(CP220)
  • For Intelligent device use
  • Support both cyclic & transient data exchange
  • RX/RY=each 2,048bits, RWr/RWw=each 1,024 words
  • Enabling CPU load off by using Intel® Corporation’s soft core CPU Nios ® II


  • Support low cost FPGA Cyclone® V E
  • Logic Element : 37,000LEs
  • Internal RAM : 1,400,000 bits
  • DSP block : 4blocks
  • PLL : 4 pcs
  • Controlled by Nios® Ⅱ connected to Avalon ®-MM via Intel® Corporation’s Qsys system-level integration tool

Utilize FPGA’s merit

  • It’s poissble to integrate this IP & user’s own design into ALTERA FPGA which is widely used in the industrial equipment market.
  • Same to typical FPGA design flow & method by using Quartus+C393 Prime
  • Protect IP core by using external CPLD as of security chip

Development environment

  • Industrial network kit (INK) as evaluation platform
    (should be prepared in addition to IP Core)
  • Anctypted IP Core
  • IP Core user’s manual
  • User’s manual
  • Sample design

Contact addresses

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