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Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH

Hilscher serves as your dependable partner in the development of CC-Link Family equipment.

Hilscher offers the entire spectrum of CC-Link Family solutions you need - from the supply of various interface products to the development and production, on a contract basis, of such products to the organization of relevant workshops.

CC-Link・CC-Link IE Field Basic Communication Interfaces

squareASIC (communication controller)

The netX family of products comprises several multi-protocol network controllers which Hilscher developed to provide for an integration into automation equipment of every description (such as a drive, I/O, PLC, and barcode reader). The netX chip, is equipped with an ARM core CPU and contains a comprehensive set of peripheral functions. It also supports a variety of major protocols like field bus and industrial real-time Ethernet with one piece of hardware. Utilizing firmware supplied by Hilscher allows you to design your original CC-Link interface.

Using a special NXHX software development boards also enables you to easily evaluate and develop CC-Link interfaces and user applications. Besides general-purpose hardware, NXHX has a built-in JTAG-USB interface as well as a JTAG interface that is the most common as a debugging interface so that netX Studio CDT, the Eclipse-based integrated development environment from Hilscher, can be used.

CC-Link Compatible Communication Interfaces

squarePC Card

The cifX communication interface provides, at a low cost, all elements including optimum performance capability, functionality, and flexibility. PCI, PCI Express and MiniPCI Express, all of which can be used on standard personal computers (each for use with a device station only), are now available. Other form factors can be also developed for your projects. Drivers for major RTOSs are also available and come with a full package of software programs necessary for product development, such as configuration tool, driver, example, and manual.

PC Card

  • Low cost and Powerful for your system
  • PCI / PCI Express / Mini PCI Express
  • Driver for major OS (Windows / INtime / RTX / VxWorks / Linux / Windows CE / QNX) and OPC server
squareBuilt-in Module

Hilscher’s built-in modules represent a single-chip solution in the form of an integrated package of software and hardware suitable for CC-Link device interface which is directly installed into various automation equipment such as controllers, PLCs, and drives. The high-end network controller "netX" permits all communication tasks to be executed using a microprocessor mounted. Because API is common to all the protocols, compatibility with other field buses or real-time Ethernet networks can be secured with great ease, simply by replacing existing Hilscher built-in modules such as comX and netIC.

Embedded Communication Module

  • Same host board for different protocol
  • Dual Port Memory or Serial for host I/F
  • Compact and Robust mechanical mount
  • Reduce development time and cost

DIL-32 Communication IC Module netIC

  • Compact module for low cost device
  • UART / SPI Serial I/F (Modbus RTU)
  • CPU less design by SSIO

CC-Link IE Field Compatible Communication Interfaces

  • Intelligent Device Station in the CC-Link IE Field network
  • Fixed Baud rate of 1 Gbit/s
  • CSP+ configuration file
  • Acyclic communication via SLMP
  • Available as PC Card, Embedded module and netX technology

CC-Link IE Field Basic Compatible Communication Interfaces

  • CC-Link IE Field Basic as Device
  • Baud rate of 100 Mbit/s
  • Acyclic communication via SLMP
  • Enable existing netX-based products with CC-Link IE Field Basic per software update
  • Fits seamless in the Hilscher product portfolio and uses the same application interface, driver and tools

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