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SILA Embedded Solutions GmbH

CC-Link IE TSN software development kit for remote station provided as portable C source code with sample applications for LINUX and STM32. A unified porting layer allows easy adaption of the stack to customer specific hardware. The SDK is self-contained and no further costs are involved for development of a CC-Link IE TSN remote station.

Developable Stations / Certification Classes

Development Method

squareThe SDK is self-contained and evaluation can easily be performed on the STM32 NUCLEO or iMX6 evaluation boards as provided by numerous 3rd party vendors.
  • Remote device application development can be started on the evaluation boards using the provided CSP+ files and examples for GX Works3. Other masters will be supported in future demos.
  • If hardware and software environment is similar to the demos, they can be used for your own software development. Otherwise, the demos can serve as a starting point to adapt the port to new RTOS and/or hardware platforms.
  • Embedded Experts GmbH, a SILA subsidiary, also provides porting services to existing or new customer hardware.

To further support development, the SDK includes a combined getting started and porting manual.

Features and benefits of development methods

  • Delivered as C source codeDelivered as C source code
  • Supports iMX6 and STM32Supports iMX6 and STM32
  • TSN ready
    • • Use hardware MAC support for IEEE 802.1AS and IEEE 1588v2 if available.
    • • Software 802.1Qbv implementation
  • Complete with OS, TCP/IP stack, documentation and samples to reduce development time.

Contact Information

Linzerstrasse 28, Sankt Pölten, 3100, Austria