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About CLPA


Association Members

Member Benefits

  • Latest CC-Link specifications to develop products
  • CC-Link specification is available for free.
  • CC-Link products to expand your business.

Guide to Admission into Association

Member Types

*Prices shown do not include tax.
Membership categoryRegistered MemberRegular MemberExecutive MemberBoard Member
Annual membership feeNot ApplicableContact your local CLPA officeContact your local CLPA officeContact your local CLPA office
Sign-up feeNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot ApplicableContact your local CLPA office
Membership Right and CostRegistered MemberRegular MemberExecutive MemberBoard Member (Invitation by CLPA HQ only)Remarks
The right to obtain the "CC-Link Family" specifications free of chargeYesProvided for free
The right to develop, manufacture and sell "CC-Link Family" certified productsNoYesThis is the right granted to developers and/or member manufacturers. It does not regulate the resale of products by distributors.
The right to use the "CC-Link Family" TechnologyNoYes 
The right to use the "CC-Link Family" logoNoYes 
The right to publish the information on the member's own product in the Association's product catalogue and Internet website.NoYesPublished for free
Annual DuesNot charged (free)Ask CLPA regional office 
Initial FeeNot charged (free)Ask CLPA regional office 
Conformance Test Fees (per device)CC-Link
  • Remote Device Station
  • Remote I/O Station
  • Cable
N/AAsk CLPA regional officeNot charged (included in annual dues) 
  • Master/Local Station
  • Intelligent Device Station
  • Master/Local Station
  • Intelligent Device Station