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Delivering TSN’s benefits to manufacturing

To remain competitive in demanding and fast-paced manufacturing environments, the adoption of Industry 4.0-oriented applications is becoming a must for companies across all industries. In order to harness the ever-increasing volume of information generated by these data-driven, smart manufacturing strategies, it is fundamental for companies to implement robust and future-oriented networks to be able to fully reap the benefits of digitalisation.

Download our white paper Delivering TSN’s Benefits to Manufacturing and find out how Time-Sensitive Networking enables the converged network architectures that will address these requirements and deliver multiple benefits to manufacturers in every sector.

Download the white paper today to read the full story!

A key solution available now that offers TSN functions and gigabit bandwidth is CC-Link IE TSN, the first open industrial Ethernet to combine these features. It is also backed by leading industrial automation vendors worldwide. Therefore, companies in a wide range of different key industries can already benefit from a wide range of proven, interoperable devices and components to create the systems needed by their facilities to address their digitalisation journeys.

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