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Gateway to Asia

Your Gateway to Asia

The CLPA is offering a significant package of benefits with real world value to help you develop a CC‑Link product, and then market it in Asia. These breakdown as follows:

Development support

  • Benefit from free of charge development device samples and technical support to get your product developed quickly using CC‑Link’s straightforward implementation cycle. Development solutions are being offered by CC‑Link partners such as Hilscher, HMS, Mitsubishi Electric and Renesas for companies who decide implement a product. Weidmüller also provides a Starter Kit for a 10 gigabit field attachable RJ45 connector for the CC‑Link IE-Field infrastructure.

Marketing support

  • Once your device is developed and conformance tested, CLPA will assist you with marketing it in Asia. This takes the form of a variety of promotional outlets, including: advertising in key Asian media (print and on-line), webinars, road-shows, fairs and other activities. CLPA’s widespread presence in Asia helps you navigate the complex business culture and language issues involved in successful business results.

The CC‑Link Partner Association’s Gateway to Asia (G2A) program is supported by key European CC‑Link partners and is intended to strengthen your business in Asia by taking advantage of CC‑Link’s position as a key enabling technology for the Asian automation market.

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