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Join us at the ANIPLA industrial Ethernet safety seminar

In automation, there is general agreement that industrial Ethernet is the de-facto physical layer network for the future. It has already gained considerable traction in plant and machinery applications and its popularity is bound to increase.

One of the great advantages of Industrial Ethernet, is that multiple types of control can coexist on the same network. Hence you can share I/O, motion and safety control all on the same network, providing cost effective solutions. Thus with one system you can operate your production processes and simultaneously monitor them for safety. The CLPA is partnering with its board member Molex ® to participate in a one day seminar on industrial Ethernet for safety applications. This is being organized by the Italian automation association (ANIPLA) and will take place on 21 September at Viale Fulvio Testi, 128 - Cinisello Balsamo in Milan, Italy (details at

Topics covered will start with introductions and overviews of the concepts, then move on to more detailed presentations, such as a review of the CC-Link IE Safety industrial Ethernet protocol and how it is the only open Ethernet technology today to offer safety with gigabit performance.

Safety is a critical aspect of most modern automation systems. Make sure you are fully up to date on the options for Ethernet based safety networks by attending this seminar.