Balluff embraces the opportunities offered by CC-Link IE TSN

The latest open gigabit industrial Ethernet from the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA), CC-Link IE TSN, offers Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) to support the move towards Industry 4.0 applications. Automation specialist Balluff foresees the key role CC-Link IE TSN will play in creating a highly connected network of devices communicating in a deterministic manner while interfacing seamlessly with IT and higher-level management systems.

Balluff is a global automation player offering high-end sensors, connection solutions and related products. Key technologies include RFID systems, fieldbus network blocks, cables and of course IO-Link, a technology for connecting peer-to-peer sensors, actuators and other systems and components to a controller.

IO-Link is one of Balluff’s key product ranges, and already includes models that are compatible with CLPA’s open network technologies, CC-Link fieldbus and CC-Link IE open gigabit Ethernet. Now, the company is ready to welcome the future of industrial communications to address the needs of Industry 4.0 applications.

“Today’s market requires the integration of devices, such as vision systems, with a higher demand for bandwidth. The capability to provide vertical integration from machine networks into IT infrastructure is also in high demand, so to be able to manage both, efficiently, on the same network is a big step forward.”

“This is why we are excited about the introduction of CC-Link IE TSN. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to deliver smart integration from core machine control through to IT communications - on the same network. That means applications with very fast cycle times can coexist perfectly with devices using the TCP/IP protocol for example. Simpler physical networks that are smart in operation mean easier integration and less complex support.”

TSN offers the unique opportunity to create flexible, converged systems that will characterise the Smart Factory of the Future. CC-Link IE TSN is the first Ethernet technology that combines gigabit bandwidth and TSN capabilities to handle the “explosion” of data that characterises Industry 4.0 applications as well as supporting the merging of IT and operational technology (OT). Therefore, by choosing CLPA’s latest innovation, device makers and end users can benefit from a technology that will provide a way to address current needs and a path to the systems of the future.

A measure of Balluff’s commitment to CLPA technologies is the fact that the company is a CLPA board member and has been actively engaged in promoting global acceptance. This commitment has also helped the company to advance: “We can share our experiences and insights with other well-known CLPA members. Being part of the association brings us great benefits, which allow us to intensify the relationship with our customers and to strengthen our competitive position,” concludes Manuel Solano.

About The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA)

The CLPA is an international organisation founded in 2000 dedicated to the technical development and promotion of the CC-Link family of open automation networks. The CLPA's key technology is CC-Link IE TSN, the world's first open industrial Ethernet to combine gigabit bandwidth with Time Sensitive Networking (TSN), making it the leading solution for Industry 4.0 applications. Currently the CLPA has over 3,600 member companies worldwide, and more than 1,900 compatible products available from over 300 manufacturers. Over 26 million devices using CLPA technology are in use worldwide.

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IO-Link is one of Balluff’s key product ranges, and already includes models that are compatible with CLPA’s open network technologies, CC-Link fieldbus and CC-Link IE open gigabit Ethernet.